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Collect IIS high CPU dumps with DebugDiag

1. Download and then install the DebugDiag from http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=26798
2. Run DebugDiag Tool 1.2 and click Add Rule button.
4. Select Performance rule type and click Next.
5. Select Performance Counters performance rule type and click Next.
6. Click Add Perf Triggers.

  • In Add Counters dialog select Process\%Processor Time, select w3wp instance, then click Add button then click OK button. (If there are multiple w3wp instances, you can add multiple counters for each.)
  • Select the counter just added and click Edit Thresholds button.
  • Take actions when this counter stays: Above
  • This threshold: 80 (adjust this according to your CPU usage)
  • For this number of seconds: 10

7. Click OK and click Next.
8. Select Add Dump Target and choose Web application pool as Target Type。
9. Select the application pool which costs high CPU usage and click OK and Next.
10. Configure UserDump Series

  • Generate a UserDump every 10 seconds
  • Start the timer when writing the dump file completes
  • Stop after generating 3 user dumps.
  • Collect Full UserDumps

11. Click Next and name your rule and specify the UserDump locations.
12. Click Next and Activate the Rule now.

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