Web Debug

Fix broken web applications, from servers to clients.

Collect IIS crash dump with DebugDiag

1. Download and then install the DebugDiag from http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=26798
2. Run DebugDiag Tool 1.2 and click Add Rule button.
3. Select Crash and click Next.
4. Choose A specific IIS web application pool and click Next.
5. Choose the application pool which is crashing.
6. Click Next in Advanced Configuration (Optional), click on Breakpoints and then click on Add Breakpoint.
7. Choose Ntdll!ZwTerminateProcess from the list and change the Action Type to Full User Dump and Action Limit to 5 and click OK.
8. Click on Save and Close.
9. Click next and name your rule and specify the UserDump locations.
10. Select Activate the rule now.

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