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Collect IIS high memory dump with DebugDiag

1. Download and then install the DebugDiag from http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=26798
2. Run DebugDiag Tool 1.2 and click Add Rule button.
3. Select Memory and Handle Leak and click Next
4. Click on Process Name column to sort by process name. Scroll down to see the w3wp processes.
5. Choose the w3wp process which has memory issue (refer to commandline column for the application pool name if there are multiple w3wp process)
6. On the Configure Leak Rule page, configure parameters as below,

  • Select the Start memory tracking immediately when rule is activated radio button.
  • Click Configure in Userdump Generation
  • Select Auto-create a crash rule to get userdump on unexpected process exit.
  • Select the Generate a userdump when private bytes reach check box, and make sure the default value is 800.
  • Select the each additional check box, and make sure the default is 200.(By selecting the virtual bytes reach option, a memory dump will automatically be created when virtual bytes uses 600 MB. If virtual bytes increases by 200 MB, another memory dump will automatically be created.)

7. Click Save & Close to get back to Configure Leak Rule page
8. Click Auto-unload LeakTrack when rule is completed or deactivated checkbox and click Next.
9. Click next and name your rule and specify the UserDump locations.
10. Click next and Activate the Rule now.

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