Web Debug

Fix broken web applications, from servers to clients.

Collect performance counter for .Net web application

1. Execute the following command line to create the performance logs (need admin privilege)
logman.exe create counter MSPerf-15Sec -f bincirc -max 500 -c "\Processor(*)\*" "\Memory\*" "\Process(*)\*" "\ASP.Net(*)\*" "\ASP.Net Applications(*)\*" "\.NET CLR Exceptions(*)\*" "\.NET CLR Memory(*)\*" "\.NET CLR Loading(*)\*" -si 00:00:15 -o C:\MSLog\MSPerf-15Sec.blg
2. Start logging with the following command line.
logman.exe start MSPerf-15Sec
3. Execute the following command line to stop the performance collecting.
logman.exe stop MSPerf-15Sec
4. The performance log in generated in folder c:\MSLog

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