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Fix Common IE Problems

Fix Common IE Problems: Update your Docmode for Web Standards


Document compatibility defines how a browser renders your website.  The more specific you are at telling the browser what to expect, the better the experience for your users. When using web standards like HTML5, start by explicitly declaring the HTML5 document type:

<!DOCTYPE html>

This markup triggers standards mode in Internet Explorer 9 and 10.  And it also works well in Chrome and Firefox.  Four steps will get your site ready for many browsers and devices:

Step 1: Validate that your site uses standards mode

Step 2: Implement docmode for web standards

Step 3: Determine why your site is not in Standards Mode

Step 4: Resolve common IE problems when updating docmode

Other reasons my page does not render correctly:

For further detail, try these articles:


How Do I Fix My Site Today?


This document will take you through the steps required to fix your site so that it will properly render in Windows Internet Explorer 8.

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