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IE Redirection Limit

301-302-redirectUsers might get “This page can’t be displayed” error in IE7 or IE8 when a website requires too many redirections to go to the destination page. The question is how much redirection will be considered as “too many”.

IE7 and IE8 sets the default value of redirection limit as 10, so if a webpage causes more than 10 continuous redirection, “Page can’t be displayed” error will be displayed.

This limit can be changed by adding the following registry key,

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

Value: MaxHttpRedirects


However, from IE9 IE has increase this value by multiplying a coefficient (11). Since the default value of MaxHttpRedirects is kept as 10, the redirection limit will be 10*11 = 110 since IE9.

If you chance the registry to 20, then the redirection limit will be 20 * 11 = 220.

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